How do I know what the best offer is?

As a seller: How do I know what the best offer is?

In some cases, getting a high-priced offer for a listing, may not be the best offer. Recently an offer came in on a listing, it was for full price, the full list price, great right? Not really, in this case the buyer was planning on applying for a government loan, asking for closing cost assistance, a carpet allowance, an over whelming amount of repairs and asking for a full home warranty. To the seller this is not necessary the best offer he could receive. Why? In this case while the offer is full price, it was going to cost the home owner quite a bit of money just to please the buyer, in order to sell his home. As it happened, the day after we received the offer, we received another offer while the seller was contemplating what to do. The second offer was for a lower amount, it was a conventional loan, no home inspection, no home warranty and no carpet allowance. Between the two offers, the second lower priced offer was the BEST offer in this case. The seller accepted the lower offer and the house sold, both parties were very happy with their deal. If you have any concerns about your property, contact me so we can discuss your issues 304-545-2009,

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