A few of the most common questions I encounter. Need an answer to your specific question? Please call me, so I can personally assist you.

How do we determine the correct price for my house?

Comparing your property to others that have already sold or are on the market at this time, is the best method of determining a list price or the price you should offer if making a purchase. Keeping in mind the market price and the suggested price can and often are different from each other.

What type of advertising is available to promote the sale of my home (listing)?

I believe the internet has been and still is the most used resource for buyers of all ages, this has been proven repeatedly. Buyers are using the internet when it’s convenient for them. And with the many sites now available to them, they can review the properties, find mortgage calculators and even search for lenders. I am a believer in getting the listing on-line ASAP.  All of the on-line listing companies get their listings from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), this is the site where real estate agents first list a home for sale. Once it’s listed on the MLS, it feeds out to the many other sites, available for buyers to view and make a judgement about. Most will view the home on-line, then almost immediately drive by the property, to determine if they like the neighborhood, the “lay of the land”, just how the yard looks and how hard it is to get to the property. Then they decide if they want to actually see what the home looks like inside. While they have viewed the photographs on-line, now they want to see if the house “fits” with their feelings, if they like the size of the rooms, the driveway and even if the floors “squeak”.

Will you assist all the way through the process of purchasing a home?

Yes! I’ll be there when we start the search for the home of your dreams. I’ll assist with the negotiations and then I’ll be with you every step of the way to offer advice and help. All the way to the closing when you get the keys to your new home. Call me today so we can get started.